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Chicago Wedding Videographer + Photographer Pricing

We’re into an earthy, trendy aesthetic and people who care more about each other and less about what other people think. Except your friends — you want them to talk about your wedding for years to come.

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Collections with Wedding Photography Only

Get 10 hours of coverage with 2 photographers and a complimentary engagement.

collection iI

Keep it simple with 8 hours of coverage from one photographer.

collection I

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view details

just the photos for me!

Collections with Wedding Videography + Photography

Our luxe edition with 12 hours of coverage, an engagement session anywhere in the world, a gorgeous wedding album and videography too.

collection V

Our most-value package — get 8 hours of coverage with two photographers, engagement session and a 7-10 minute video.

collection iV

Basic wedding coverage meets videography in this 8-hour package with 1 photographer and a 3-minute wedding video.

collection III

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12 hours of photography + videography coverage
2 photographers
Complimentary drone coverage (weather permitting)
Complimentary engagement session anywhere in the world 
Additional portrait session (boudoir, bridal, anniversary) 
Photography timeline
60 second trailer to share on social media
7-10 minute trailer
Professional photo editing
Online gallery + flash drive 
Printing rights + sharing copyright
12x12 photo album 

Collection V

i'm so in!

$7,000 (most popular!)

8 hours of photography + videography coverage
2 photographers
Complimentary drone coverage (weather permitting)
Complimentary boudoir session or engagement session
Photography timeline
7-10 minute trailer
Professional photo editing
Online gallery + flashdrive
Printing rights + sharing copyright

Collection 1v

this is what we want!


8 hours of photography + videography coverage 
1 photographer 
Complimentary drone coverage (weather permitting)
Photography timeline
3-5 minute trailer 
Professional photo editing
Online gallery + flash drive 
Printing rights + sharing copyright

Collection 111

sounds like a dream!

$4,900 (most popular)

10 hours of photography coverage 
2 photographers 
Photography timeline
Complimentary Engagement Session
Professional photo editing
Online gallery
Printing rights + sharing copyright

Collection 11

heck yes!


8 hours of photography coverage 
1 photographer 
Photography timeline
Professional photo editing 
Online gallery
Printing rights + sharing copyright

Collection 1

this please!

is about.


see what all the

“Michael and Nicole, are wonderful and skilled photographers! They are incredibly personable, flexible, and easy to work with, we had a good feeling about him right away at the initial meeting. We are so so happy we went with them because our experience was consistently fantastic from start to finish. Both are trustworthy, transparent, lighthearted, and genuine. It is obvious that they really enjoy what they both do and that Michael and Nicole are very experienced when it comes to weddings- they blended right in throughout our wedding day! Our wedding photos turned out to be everything we wanted and more! It worked out well to have Nicole, who also has a wonderful presence, taking photos of the girls getting ready while Michael was with the guys at a separate location. Oh and one the best parts- very fast turn around with photos! We got them just over a week after our wedding!! Can’t say enough great things about Michael/Nicole and Millennium Moments!”

"Wonderful and skilled"

Melaine | Elgin, IL

“Choosing Michael and Nicole to capture our wedding day was the easiest and best decision we made! We did our research on photographers early in the planning process, and from day one of talking to Michael and Nicole we knew we were in good hands. They took the time to get to know us as a couple and their attention to the small things showed throughout the entire process! They were always quick to respond, so fun to be around and remarkably kind. Our family and wedding party commented numerous times on how Michael and Nicole were such a joy to work with! We were blown away by the timeless pictures they captured, and amazed that they had them back to us already on our honeymoon! We highly recommend them!”

"Highly recommend!"

Sammie | Evanston, IL

“I remember starting the search for wedding photographers and coming across Millennium Moments. Not only were their photos absolutely gorgeous, but you could tell they were genuine people. Our journey with Nicole and Michael has been nothing short of amazing. My emails, texts, and phone calls were answered almost immediately. They made sure that Tom and I were super comfortable and had everything that we needed. We communicated with them the entire time leading up to the wedding and this just helped calm any stress or fears I had about the wedding day, especially during a pandemic. On the day of the wedding, they absolutely exceeded our expectations. They made our wedding day go so smoothly and helped us with EVERYTHING that we needed. If you are looking for photographers who feel like close friends, make you feel comfortable, and will help you have an amazing wedding experience for you and your significant other, than trust me Nicole and Michael are the photographers for you!!”

"The perfect fit!"

Stephanie | Mokena, IL

“Phenomenally talented, dedicated, sincere, humble, accountable, & loving; these are just a few of the qualities you will experience immediately upon meeting and working with Nicole & Micheal. They are truly dedicated to their craft and their clients. Nicole wears the most adorable smile on her face the whole time, and Micheal will keep everyone laughing and smiling throughout the day. They instantly become a part of your family and friend circle and will enhance your wedding day in such an incredible and unexpected way. They are naturals behind the camera and they make everyone feel at ease and keep the atmosphere fun and light, bringing out the best in everyone. They are so respectful to your other vendors and ensure that they receive credit for their services too - truly above and beyond! All vendors love them too! We are so thankful for them and the memories they captured for us - we will cherish them forever! Working with Millennium Moments was the best decision we made! You won't be disappointed!”

"The best decision we made!"

Lauren | Lemont, IL

we guarantee it will go by even faster

let's run through this real fast

Just go for it! Say hello! We’ll ask a few questions before we schedule a Zoom or phone call to get to know you better. (Side note: bring snacks and White Claws. We’re down for it!)

1. break the ice

Okay, but really. We want to know what your life (and wedding) is all about. By the end of our time together, we’ll identify what’s most important to you, and then recommend a collection accordingly. If you need a totally custom package, consider it done.

2. tell us everything

If we’re your people, let’s get that wedding day of yours on the calendar. You can securely book us with a simple contract and invoice, all delivered straight to your inbox — definitely more of a thrill than the paperwork required for that marriage license. (Can they make it any less exciting? #beentheredonethat)

3. make this official

Not mandatory, but definitely encouraged, we take our couples out on at least one double date before the wedding. We’ll go out to eat, play games or do whatever it is that you’re interested in. Most importantly, we’ll actually get to know you. It’s the perfect solution for those that don’t want their best friend to photograph the big day, but who also don’t want a complete stranger showing up at their wedding. Hence why we’re both your automatic friends and professionals. 

4. Can we take you out on a double date?

Overlooked, but incredibly important, the engagement session is both a date night and practice for the big day. With a little more time, and a little less stress, we’ll take the save the date photos (that will make all your friends jealous) and get to know you at the same time. You’ll be total pros by the time we’re done. When the wedding day rolls around, you’ll be at ease in front of the camera and we’ll know which poses you can pull off like models.

5. The engagement sesh.

It’s here and you are gettin’ married. Can you believe it? Because we sort of can’t. It’s the coolest thing you could do and you’re all dressed up with your squad at your side. There’s nothing like it. We’ll bring all the gear and people to make sure nothing is forgotten. And of course, we’ll cry with you, make you laugh and join you on the dance floor at the end of the night (after every dance floor photo you could want is taken).

6. Here comes the wedding day.

Now that the honeymoon is over, the next best thing is seeing those wedding photos for the first time. Within 1 month, you’ll hit the refresh button in your inbox and see that anticipated (but not for too long) email from us with every edited, high resolution photo ready to go in an online gallery.

7. did someone say wedding photos?

Booyah. You survived the wedding. Now you’ve got two new best friends — couple friends — to go on double dates with. Yes, you’re those people now and we can’t wait to hang. That’s the thing about how we work — you’ll actually want to see more of us. What can we say? We put the fresh in professional. (Just go with it.)

8. hello #couplegoals.

Questions, meet answers.

Chicago wedding videographers + photographers

1. How do you pose us?

It’s easy like Sunday morning — we use emotions and a lot of laughs to make you feel like yourselves. Think of it like a walk in the park, but with two experts guiding you so that you look even more perfect than you already are. (Walk towards me with your arms around each other, take her for a piggyback ride or hug like you won’t see each other for six months.)

2. How soon do I need to book?

We book weddings 6-18 months in advance. Let’s get the conversation started so someone else doesn’t book your date first. (It’s happened, but we can actually be in two places at once if two couples book the solo photographer package on the same day — but don’t count on it!)

3. What is included in videography coverage?

To get you that box-office-worthy wedding film, our videography services always include two videographers and drone coverage. Anything less just doesn't cut it when it comes down to giving you the absolute best. Why? Because with only one camera, and therefore only one angle, you won’t get the video you love. And if your aunt stands up in front of the camera during the wedding ceremony to record it all on her 2006 flip phone, you can bet that we’ll have other footage to make up for it (while also asking your auntie to kindly sit down). Your family can leave their phones tucked away, living in the moment while we wipe our tears from behind the screen.

4. Are you the actual photographers/ videographers that show up? Who does the videography?

The wheels don’t stop turning after the wedding day — we keep things rolling, hand-editing every single final photo and putting all of your video shots into jaw-dropping highlight reels. Photos take about 4-6 weeks to show up in your inbox (ready to download and make all of your Instagram followers jealous) and videos are delivered up to 10 weeks after the wedding.

5. How do destination weddings work? What are the travel fees?

We’ll join you just about anywhere and we are so down for it! (Yes, your hype team is mobile!) Travel fees typically include plane tickets, accommodations for the night before and after the wedding (you know the vibes, jet lag no bueno), and a rental car if public transportation isn’t available or easily accessible. We’ll break it all down for you with an invoice based on your destination and the current fees. We won’t be booking any sightseeing excursions because we’ll be too busy soaking up your sights. This trip is for you! We’ve got to get home and feed the furry babies eventually.

6. How many photos do I get?

Remember how “just one more” is kind of our saying when it comes to taking photos? We follow that same philosophy with editing, squeezing in as many photos as possible to give you that epic collection of wedding photos you crave. That approach ensures a minimum of 60 edited images per hour of coverage. Oh and the more photographers in your collection, the more photos you’ll get! The more coverage you have, the more images too (it’s the photos for me!). 

7. Do we need an engagement session?

We include a complimentary engagement session in three of our top packages. It’s the best way to actually prepare for your wedding day, besides of course, falling in love with your person, getting your hair done and scheduling a fitting for your wedding dress. If you want to feel like total experts in front of the camera, you’ll want an engagement session beforehand. Plus, engagement photos include access to our client closet with custom-made dresses (worth $300-500 each) that will take the entire shoot to the next level!

8. what is the photography timeline?

Great question! The photography timeline might be your favorite thing ever, besides your boo thang! We create a custom timeline for every wedding to keep your day on schedule and make sure that no important shots are missed!

9. Raincheck? 

We live in Chicago so we know how weather isn’t always cooperative (thanks mother nature). Our weather guarantee policy: if it rains on your wedding day, we automatically include one additional, 60-minute session at the same location (or somewhere new!) so you can dress up again and take photos without the rain.

10. What’s your turnaround time?

The wheels don’t stop turning after the wedding day — we keep things rolling, hand-editing every single final photo and putting all of your video shots into jaw-dropping highlight reels. Photos take about 4-6 weeks to show up in your inbox (ready to download and make all of your Instagram followers jealous) and videos are delivered up to 12 weeks after the wedding.

11. Do you offer prints and albums?

Do we like pinkity drinkity from Starbucks? YES! We had a feeling you were boujee like that. You can order prints directly through your online gallery, or download the high-res photos and print them anywhere else. We’d be stoked to get you a custom album or gorgeous acrylic print too. Just DM us and we’ll take care of it for you.

Already taken? Fine. So are we. But LET’S BOOK YOUR WEDDING and get on with the best parts — meeting you and celebrating this dazzling relationship of yours.

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Chicago wedding videographers + photographers

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